A brief guide to Lea Valley CC

September 26, 2023


This is an introductory post to give you some information about the club, what we do and how you can join in. This should be useful whether you are a completely new or potential member or someone who has been in the club for many years.


Lea Valley CC was formed in 1969 when two clubs merged: the Crescent Wheelers (f.1903) and Comet CC. A third club, University CC, also merged with Lea Valley CC in 2000. Even though Lea Valley CC is only 50 years old, our roots date back well over 100 years.

Membership and Volunteering

Lea Valley CC relies on members to help out with all activities and duties the club needs to fulfil to serve its purpose. Whether this is helping lead a club ride on a Sunday morning, baking a cake, volunteering at a time trial, marshalling a road race or being on the committee, everyone has to play their part.

As with all amateur sports, the members serve the club as much as the club serves them. Not only is volunteering rewarding, it is a good way to meet lots of members and to get to know them socially off the bike.

As well as open races, we also put on private events for our membership. These include yearly events such as the Tuesday Tens, Hill Climb, velodrome track sessions, club championship race, awards night, social nights (pizza and beer anyone?) and much more.

With such a wide range of events going on, everyone is required to pitch in and help where they can.

When you join Lea Valley CC you will be required to volunteer at least once a year at one of our events. The aim of this is to help spread the workload equally amongst members, rather than relying on a few familiar faces.

Volunteering dates can be found on RiderHQ, simply sign up for the event which you can help out at, dates for the Hill Climb, Len Cooper, and potentially a road race will be added throughout the year.

Members who do not complete their volunteering throughout the year, could be denied membership for following year (youth, social and life members are exempt).

Club Rides

We operate weekly club rides out into Essex, Hertfordshire and sometimes beyond. Club Run information is usually updated throughout the week, we try to send an email once a week with information needed, but RiderHQ will have the most up to date information, so it's always worth checking regardless if you haven't received an email!
Whether you are new to the club, or a familiar face - please read this advice regarding club rides.


The club promotes a large number of races each year, that members can enter.
We also run the ever popular Tuesday Tens series at the Velopark in the June.

The club committee positions of 2023 is currently made up of the below

  • Trevor Whittock (President)
  • Jamie Fake (Chair)
  • Alex Sweeting (Secretary)
  • Lee Lavery (Membership Secretary & Men’s Road Secretary)
  • Joe Mumford (Treasurer)
  • John Summerhayes (Track Secretary)
  • Mark Freeman (Time Trial Secretary)
  • Vacant (Women’s Officer & Welfare Officer)
  • Simon Wakinshaw (Welfare Officer)
  • Mark Sheldrake and Greg Needham (Kit)
  • Vacant (Women’s Road Secretary)
  • Paul Soor, Julian Loxton (Ordinary Members)

If you have anything you with the propose/ask the committee or you wish to join - please email online@leavalleycc.co.uk
We normally host our club AGM in December.