2020 is Cancelled

July 8, 2020

A message from Club Secretary Alex Sweeting.

As you are hopefully aware, the world has a fight on its hands. We at LVCC urge you to follow Government advice, stay home and stay safe.

You can probably guess that all events are hereby cancelled, yes that means the Tens too. Until we have an idea and guidance from the various Cycling governing bodies consider 2020 a write off. There is possibility we can run something in the Summer or Autumn, but at this point who knows.

But all hope is not lost, British cycling have issued some guidelines (for now) around staying fit, but the main fact is that solo cycling can be done if you adhere to Government guidance and look after yourself and others. We beg you, please stop riding in groups. And please consider not wearing club kit.


Government Information

I want to extend the support from all LVCC members to the public and other members, if you are self-isolating, part of the at risk groups or just unable to get out and about, please use the clubs social media, chat groups and email to reach out for help or if you are able, to offer help. Together we can help the NHS and others in this time.

Before signing off I wanted to ask that members think twice before forwarding on messages and “information” that they receive on social media, take a step back and think, is it true? is it relevant? can I fact check this? and most importantly will it create unnecessary panic? If you are unsure, it’s best not to share. The situation is only exacerbated by misinformation and rumours, let’s leave the thinking to the NHS and the Government and follow their advice. Share news and facts. Think.

I hope to ride with all again soon, but until then, maybe see you in passing on a solo ride or on Zwift.

Many Thanks

Alex Sweeting

Club Secretary

P.S. below are a few links to staying active, safe and mainly just to get through this. If you have any suggestions feel free to share them on social media.

Zwift – 25km trial
NHS – Check if you have symptoms
GCN – More cycling videos than you could ever need
Woodland Trust – Kids (or grownups) activities
Mind – Mental health Charity helpline